While we try the best to make the prices as the lowest level compared to the other local pet stores in Australia, we can't cover the shipping cost for most customers. However we have a good deal with Australia Post to get a reasonable postage. We promise that we won't earn $1 on the shipping but also can't afford to lose too much money on it. 

Please check the delivery method options and shipping rules below.

Local pickup

  • Fee: $0
  • Address: Unit 7/109-111 Hunter St, Hornsby NSW 2077 (Entrance on Hunter Ln)
  • Collection Time: By appointment via email.


We ship orders to everywhere Australia Post can reach.

Free of Charge

We offer free shipping if all the conditions below are satisfied.

  • Order Value >= AUD100
  • Shipping service: Standard Australia Post
  • Postcode of shipping address within the range below.
    • 1000-1935,2000-2249,2508-2514,2555-2574,2740-2786,2890-2897

Flat Shipping Rate

According to the shipping rule given by Australia Post, we offer flat shipping rate with Standard Australia Post for orders shipping to Sydney(including Gosford and Wollongong), Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Please note that the flat shipping rate below is the most postage you need to pay, which means you can choose a cheaper option if there is one calculated by the other rules on the checkout page. 

Zone Name Postcode Range Fee
Sydney Metro

1000-1935,2000-2079,2085-2107,2109-2156, 2158,2160-2172,2174-2229,2232-2249,2557-2559, 2564-2567,2740-2744,2747-2751,2759-2764,2766-2774,2776-2777,2890-2897

Sydney 2080-2084,2108,2157,2159,2173,2230-2231,2508-2514,2555-2556,2560-2563,2568-2574,2745-2746, 2752-2758,2765,2775,2778-2786 $6.95
Gosford 2250-2263 $9.50
Wollongong 2500-2507,2515-2532 $9.50
Melbourne 3000-3210,3335-3341,3427-3443,3750-3811,3910-3920,3926-3944,3975-3978,3980-3983,8000-8999, 9999 $12.00
Brisbane 4000-4209,4270-4299,4500-4549,9000-9725 $12.00
Adelaide 5000-5200,5800-5999 $13.00


Real-time Shipping Rate

We use postage calculator apps to get the real-time shipping options based on the order weight and shipping address. Sometimes the apps don't work properly, resulting in no shipping options. In this case please kindly email us and we will manually quote shipping in a timely manner.

We also reserve the right to charge extra postage for some particular shipping addresses, including but not limited to areas with postcodes 2898,2899.