If urgent, or it must be received within a certain timeframe, please DO NOT place an order including any pre-order item as it is NOT GUARANTEED.

What does it mean

"Pre-Orde" refers to products that are available for purchase on our website before we physically have the items in stock. Once you pre-order an item, we order it from our wholesaler and then dispatch your order after we receive it.

How long it takes

Typically, pre-order takes 1-3 business days to be processed and dispatched. However, the exact time depends on the supplier and delivery schedule. We're always able to pack and dispatch orders within a couple of hours once all the ordered items are available. Generally, the reasons for the delay include but are not limited to the following. We will let you know the detailed situation if we can't dispatch your order within the timeframe. 

  • Delay of the order processing time with the wholesaler
  • Delay of the delivery time with the courier
  • Wrong or defective items are received

Pros and Cons

 Pros of Pre-Order

  • The freshest batch without shelf period
  • Better prices without inventory cost

Cons of Pre-Order

  • Longer waiting time

Is Pre-Order good for You?

Pre-order is an excellent option only if it's not urgent. Otherwise we suggest not to place an order including any pre-order item and highly recommend your local pet stores.