Peekapaw Pet Supplies is a Sydney based business that aims to serve nationwide pet lovers by offering quality products, competitive prices and good services. The owner Allen is a software engineer, who's always believe that business can be successful mainly by promoting efficiency and optimizing management & operation, without lies and tricks.

Our Story

We don't have any impressive stories as we are just like an infant born in 2021 in this pet supplies area. However, it also means infinite possibilities.

Best Prices?

We don't do price match because we are probably the target of those stores who promise the best prices. Before we add an item on the website, we have a standard analysis procedure to make sure our prices can beat at least 95% popular pet supplies stores while we don't lose unaffordable money. If we know the 5% stores that we can't beat their prices, we'll list them on the product page. In case we miss them out, anyone's welcome to leave a link on the product review page. We reserve the right to delete the links if we're not sure the authenticity and reliability of the linked stores.  

Only Good Review?

The owner Allen is a typically straight-forward engineer and he always doubts why all the stores only chase for or even forge good reviews? Does a perfect thing really exist? If not, does only good review help to improve the business? He doesn't believe it, so any review as long as real is welcome. If a bad review is helpful, we'll admit it and give the reviewer rewards, and then improve the relating aspects asap.


We offer pre-order for some products we're not stocking at very low prices, and the cost is a longer waiting time. There are some possible reasons below telling why we are not stocking those products.

  • We got every electronic resources from suppliers while the account is pending for approval.
  • We're not familiar with the new products, so we don't risk to stock them until customers place orders.
  •  Some products are not that popular but we still want to give a chance to pre-order them.

However, we will try to keep more stock for our customers especially the regular customers. We have a powerful data analysis system to predict the needs provided that we have enough history purchase data.