PeekAPaw Pet Supplies is a Sydney based retail business that aims to serve nationwide pet lovers by offering quality products, competitive prices and good services.

1, Our Story

The business was found by 2 software engineers in 2021 and also is always managed in an engineering way, meaning we seek correctness, simplicity, and efficiency. We do not overly please customers, do not overly advertise, and do not do anything that's logically incorrect, such as price-matching. 

2, Best Prices

Please note that under no circumstances will we do price matching.

We can tell you responsibly that, overall, we are the cheapest at any time. Compared with any other Australian pet supplies retail store with more than 2000 products, we have more products that are cheaper at any time. Why can we do the best?

Our powerful system can do:

  • Help staff improve efficiency, reduce errors
  • Connect all necessary nodes to reduce communication costs
  • Reasonably stock up to reduce inventory costs
  • Make full use of storage space

Something that competitors absolutely cannot do: The founders work 12 hours everyday without pay!

3, Fast & Slow Order-Processing Time

We usually dispatch orders within 1 business day if all the ordered items are in stock, which should be above the average level. However, if an order includes any Pre-Order item, it usually could take up to 3 business days to be dispatched, which is definitely below the average level. We will do our best to let you know the approximate order processing time before you place an order, and if we don't meet the specified time, we will also notify you.

4, Straightforward Customer Service

For simplicity and efficiency, our customer service is focused on problem-solving and will try to avoid some time-wasting courtesies. 

5, Not The Best, but The Most Suitable

There are no best stores, but only the most suitable stores for you. We try to show what we can and cannot do, so that you can make a better choice. If we happen to be the most suitable store for you, we are honoured to serve you. Otherwise, please do not choose us to avoid causing unnecessary trouble for both of us.