Teach Your Dog New Tricks Using PeekAPaw Training Essentials

Training your dog not only teaches them obedience and valuable skills, but it also fosters a strong bond between pet and owner, contributes to mental stimulation, and ultimately enhances your dog's overall well-being. At PeekAPaw, we recognise the importance of dog training and are committed to providing quality training essentials, helping pet lovers across Australia cultivate flourishing relationships with their canine companions.

In this blog post, we will guide you through practical dog training techniques that cater to both novice and experienced trainers while spotlighting the range of training tools and essentials available at PeekAPaw. From basic obedience training to mastering impressive tricks, these methods and products will empower you to conquer the world of dog training with confidence, patience, and consistency.

PeekAPaw proudly serves Australian pet lovers by not only offering top-quality products but also sharing educational, informative, and helpful content to enhance pet parents' knowledge and skills. As a Sydney-based business, PeekAPaw strives to provide exceptional services, competitive prices, and unmatched selection to pet owners throughout Australia. So, get ready to embark on a rewarding training journey, discover new skills, and unlock your dog's full potential with the guidance and support of PeekAPaw.

Establishing a Productive Training Environment

Before diving into specific training techniques, it's essential to create a conducive training environment that promotes learning, focus, and trust between you and your dog. Consider the following guidelines while establishing a productive training space:

  1. Distraction-Free Zone: Select a quiet, familiar area free from distractions, allowing your dog to concentrate on the task at hand.
  1. Consistency and Routine: Establish consistent training routines and schedules, ensuring your dog becomes familiar with the process and expectations.
  1. Patience and Positive Reinforcement: Practice patience when working with your dog, and utilise positive reinforcement in the form of praise, affection, and treats to encourage desired behaviours.
  1. Use Engaging Training Tools: Incorporate training essentials from PeekAPaw, ensuring an engaging and varied learning experience tailored to your dog's needs.

Basic Obedience Training with PeekAPaw Essentials

Mastering basic obedience commands is crucial for your dog's safety and overall well-being. PeekAPaw offers an array of training tools to facilitate this process and keep your dog engaged:

  1. "Sit": Use a training clicker or treat pouch from PeekAPaw's selection to reward your dog immediately once they successfully perform the sit command.
  1. "Stay": An adjustable dog leash is an essential tool when teaching your dog to stay in one spot, providing them with clear boundaries and maintaining control.
  1. "Come": Recall exercises using a long training lead can help reinforce the come command, helping your dog develop a reliable recall while ensuring safety during training sessions.
  1. "Leave It": Implement treat-dispensing toys or puzzle feeders available at PeekAPaw to practice the leave it command, teaching your dog impulse control and developing patience.

Teaching New Tricks and Advanced Skills

Once basic obedience is mastered, you can progress to more advanced tricks and skills using PeekAPaw's variety of training essentials:

  1. "Roll Over": This trick can be facilitated using a soft, comfortable dog mat that encourages your dog to lie down and roll over confidently.
  1. "Shake" or "High Five": Training clickers or treat pouches can be employed to reward your dog's successful execution of the shake or high five commands, ensuring they receive immediate affirmation.
  1. "Fetch" or "Retrieve": PeekAPaw offers a variety of fetch toys, such as balls, Frisbees, or soft toys, providing the opportunity to teach fetching or retrieval skills while bonding with your dog through interactive play.
  1. Agility Training: Invest in agility training equipment available at PeekAPaw, including jump bars, tunnels, and weave poles, to teach your dog impressive agility skills while boosting their physical fitness and mental stimulation.

Addressing Common Behavioural Issues

Proactively addressing undesired behaviours such as excessive barking, jumping up, or leash pulling is essential for maintaining a harmonious relationship with your dog. PeekAPaw offers products designed to help manage these challenges:

  1. Anti-Bark Training: Calming accessories such as anxiety wraps or pheromone diffusers can help reduce barking caused by stress. Alternatively, training tools such as ultrasonic anti-bark devices provide a harmless deterrent for excessive barking.
  1. Preventing Jumping: Teaching your dog to sit instead of jumping up can be encouraged through the use of treats and training aids such as clickers, promoting polite greeting behaviours.
  1. Leash Pulling: PeekAPaw offers a selection of no-pull harnesses designed to discourage your dog from pulling, providing increased control and comfort during walks.


Teaching your dog new tricks and mastering obedience commands is a gratifying experience for both pet and owner. By utilising the wide range of dog training essentials available at PeekAPaw, you can tackle training sessions with confidence, ensuring positive outcomes and fostering a strong, trusting bond with your canine companion.

Remember that patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement are the cornerstones of successful dog training. Utilise the diverse selection of training tools, aids, and tips discussed in this blog post to embark on a rewarding journey towards becoming a skilled dog trainer. Whether your dog is a novice or a seasoned pro, 

PeekAPaw is here to provide the support, education, and training essentials necessary to unlock your dog's full potential and establish a fulfilling, harmonious relationship boasting good behaviour, impressive skills, and endless fun. Our Sydney-based store aims to serve nationwide pet lovers by offering quality products like Aussie dog toys, competitive prices, and good services. Check out our products today.


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