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Whether you're bringing home your first pet or adding another one to the family, you'd know that getting a dog can be incredibly rewarding. These fluffy little companions can teach you about playfulness, loyalty, and companionship. They can also help minimise stress and improve physical activity. 

While you should provide them with basic needs like food, water, and shelter, you must also ensure their happiness. You can keep your pet happy by giving them their favourite dog toys. Besides being a sure way to get their tails wagging, these furbaby essentials provide dogs with physical and mental stimulation and prevent destructive behaviours. 

If you want a happy and well-behaved pup, this article will explain why dog toys are essential to your pet’s development.  

1. Pet Toys Help Your Pup Stay Active

Being a responsible pet owner means looking for ways to keep your beloved furbaby active. Like humans, dogs need regular exercise to help with weight management, improve joint health, minimise behavioural problems, and boost their immune systems. It’s also an essential part of pet parenting, as they have a lot of energy to burn. 

While there’s nothing wrong with bringing them to the park for walks, it may not always be ideal, especially during rainy days. For this reason, you should buy them their favourite dog toys, like a rubber dog. They’re a great way to make playtime exciting for the pet and owner, regardless of the weather. 

2. They Help Keep Your Pet Distracted and Busy 

Dog toys help keep your pet occupied and engaged, especially if you leave them alone for extended periods, whether in the office or working from home. We recommend getting treat-dispensing toys, as they're incredibly effective in combating boredom and providing mental stimulation, minimising the risk of destructive behaviours. 

Without toys to play with, chase, chew, or follow, dogs may become bored and resort to destructive behaviours like chewing on inappropriate objects or damaging your belongings. 

3. Dog Toys Assist in Developing Good Behaviours

Becoming a responsible pet parent goes beyond providing your furbaby with its basic needs. Like humans, you should train them early to help them grow into well-behaved companions. Besides teaching them the basic commands, you should let them access a variety of appropriate dog toys. 

This purchase isn’t just to indulge them, but it also helps in their behaviour. Owners can use toys in training as positive reinforcement for good behaviour and following commands. For instance, when training puppies to sit and stay, you can use a toy as a reward for playing with and chewing after completing the task. 

4. These Playthings Make Them Feel Safe and Secure

Soft toys are essential for puppies, providing comfort when separated from their mother and siblings. These cuddly toys also give them security and comfort, as they retain their scent and provide a familiar object to turn to during distressing times. It’s almost like babies or younger children have their favourite blankets or teddy bears to help them feel safe and calm. 

5. They Enable Pet Owners to Mix and Match

Besides helping your pet stay active, dog toys can also be a source of fun for owners, especially the treat-dispensing ones. The vast choices allow you to mix, match, and select the best one for your furbaby. However, you should try different options to see what they like best, as dogs have varying preferences. That way, you and your pet can stay entertained!

Shaping a Happy and Healthy Dog

Your pet deserves to grow into a well-rounded and healthy companion. You can become a responsible fur parent by knowing their preferences and letting them access various dog toys. 

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